Save the environment with green energy

Renewable energy homes are one way in which an individual can live green.  Green energy is any form of energy which is sustainable – and that is a large definition – Sustainable means that the energy is renewable, does not harm the planet, or any life on the planet, and is available to everyone. Many ask how to live green, some with passing interest, and others with a real mission. While the experts give reams of information on how this is possible, the cost of environment projects and environment sustainability using green technologies is prohibitive. Those who want to save environment and get green energy will very soon find out that no government in the world is really serious about environmental protection and sustainability.

Wind power

Wind power

Power companies have, for years, been giving tips on how to shrink your carbon footprint and support renewable energy development. They push their agendas by telling you to buy green power, solar power wind power and all the other kinds of energy – while all the time creating no opportunities for competition with themselves – they pay lip service only to the concept, and again, while profit is involved, will do nothing to promote sustainable energy practises. Renewable wind energy system and rooftop wind turbines may seem like a fantastic idea – have you seen the cost? Energy efficiency is all very well to talk about – but in poor nations putting food on the table takes priority – and large economic powers like the USA are more concerned with world power than world power conservation! Better fuel efficiency may reduces our dependence on oil – but until governments take it seriously how can they expect their corporations to? Wave Energy  and solar panels, solar batteries, and inverters will all help in slowing down global warming  – but who can afford it – and even worse – who cannot afford it! We all live on the planet – and we all have kids that will need to deal with these problems. You can start by making your home more energy efficient. This lower your home energy bills and it is a start. Unfortunately most people will not take that saving and put it back into saving the planet – and that is the mind set that needs to change.

Go green environment movements all make it sound like an easy and do-able thing – a green environment , but the challenges are huge. While individuals like the idea, and are involved where they can be in recycling and growing their own vegetables, it is a huge step to actually live a green life. Just existing as a human results in environmental degradation – the whole way we live and think is geared toward the opposite of environmental protection. You cannot open a tap and have a glass of water without harming the planet – and these problems are not something an individual can do anything about. A concerted effort by governments and large corporations is critical – and that is not likely to happen soon. You can build a green energy house, if you have the money, which of course most of the people who care do not have. There are many who are interested in how to save the environment – and many so called “gurus’ who will tell you how – guys like Al Gore, who does not even practise what he preaches, living in a house that uses more power than a small African village. A green environment will not come about through talk – only through action – and that action has already started through green education and training.

A green environment will not happen whilst we do not protect the environment  – and which county in the world do that – or put it first – even progressive countries like South Africa are driven by economic necessities and profit. The last thing big business wants is anything that affects their bottom line. And in the beginning and for a long while, saving the planet is going to cost – and cost big. Green companies can sprout environment facts till they are blue in the face – as long as it hurts their pockets we will see no change. The only way is through individuals voting with their feet – boycotting, choosing brands that care about the planet and voting in politicians that will take action. How to be green and how to develop a green economy is now critical – we need to stop asking and start doing – , Green buildings and how to how to live green – changing they way we use the planets resources into green energy are just a few ways to save environment. A sustainable environment means that we protect the environment that we have, and do everything we can to rehabilitate what we have screwed up. Individuals can start with renewable energy homes. They can look for green energy in their area – and if there is none – push government to provide. It is up to us to save the environment – waiting for greedy business men and careless politicians will not do itYou will, and I will.

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